Jaala Jensen is a versatile artist originally from Tasmania, based in Naarm/Melbourne. Her career as a filmmaker, dancer, and choreographer has been marked by a series of independent dance works, solo performances, and an exploration of the intersection between dance and film.
In 2018, Jaala’s solo works were featured at the Moonah Moves Festival and Unity Space AiR World Residency. Following this, she worked with the Tasmanian youth company DRILL, contributing as a choreographer for their major season, NEON, across 2018 and 2019.
 Graduating from the Bachelor of Film program at SAE Institute Melbourne, Jaala has continued to demonstrate her skills as a storyteller and visual artist. Her short films, 'take of me what you please' and 'nowhere still for me to know you,' stand as testaments to her ability to weave narratives that resonate emotionally and visually. Additionally, she delved into the realm of documentary filmmaking with 'Leading Lady,' a project that explored the vibrant Cuban dance scene and its cultural influence in Melbourne.
In recent years Jaala's commitment to artistic growth took her to TicTac Art Centre in Brussels where she trained in the technique Flying Low and Passing Through. This international exposure has undoubtedly enriched her artistic vocabulary and expanded the scope of her creative endeavours.
As creator and director of Chaos Creations, an innovative art event, Jaala continues to push boundaries and challenge conventional artistic norms. Through this platform, she fosters an environment of artistic exploration and collaboration, bringing together like-minded individuals to create moments of chaos that spark creativity.
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